Friday, April 24, 2015

[Bodyline review:] Sax Blue 'Tea Party' lolita shoes (Shoes251/S522)

Double Strap Tea Party Lolita Shoes [link]
("sax" aka Saxon blue)
[Review of Gold]
[Review of Silver]

Heel Height: 0.5in (1.2cm)

These shoes are so cute. I really think they're adorable! I generally don't wear flat "ballet-esque" shoes since for some reason they end up hurting my feet more than small heels. These seem like they have a heel but it's pretty much negligibly short in reality. But I really wanted to give these a shot since finding a variety of lolita shoes would be wonderful! But I just didn't have much luck with them in the end...

Firstly I will say that these ran big. Rather big honestly; I'd say a whole size larger than what I need. They gave me terrible clown feet though that may have been due to the size being off. The color is ADORABLE and is a very true sax-blue compared to the blue on the shoes283 pair I ordered (which are an odd greenish-blue?) The color really is super cute and I wish I could pull these off in normal wear!

The overall construction is really good. The bow tails are stitched down since they're so long, the straps are thick and secure, the material is thick enough and not flimsy- overall they seem like a really great show if you can pull them off.

These shoes are a much brighter and cuter sax blue than the blue shoes283 comes in; which appears to be much more green and a bit darker.

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