Thursday, April 9, 2015

[Convention Report] SakuraCon - The "I wish I did more" con

Sakuracon was a lot of fun for me! Honestly and truly! I really did enjoy myself despite all the -crap- that happened. But I still wish I had done more in the end. I only showed up to the con for maybe a grand total of 5 or 6 hours, shot some pictures in Sailor Mercury with my group, and then left. That was it. I didn't buy a badge (wtf $75?) and I didn't go to anything at all. I had that Friday night off for work so I showed up mega late Saturday night. I pretty much went to bed so I could wake up early and I had some... not so great stuff happen. I'll just say someone I didn't know tried to get handsey with me while I was sleeping and it was really creepy and uncomfortable and just... eww. It kind of really ruined my weekend :/ I just felt gross.

So yeah... I was feeling really crummy all Saturday :/
I was able to wake up with tons of time to get ready though which I'm kind of proud of myself for lol. I almost NEVER do group cosplay stuff and I tend to just "fly by the seat of my pants" when ti comes to scheduling. I just go with the flow *shrug* But I was able to get read in time and I felt pretty dang great! It was the first time I had FULLY tried everything on for reals (though I did play in my cosplay earlier when I finished it lol) The only think missing was the brooch since Li was making them for all of us. I ended up finding Brian and we hung out while I waited for the other girls to get ready. It was really awesome though seeing everyone together and I kind of really started being a spazz XD I know Kim and Li got videos so I'll post them as I find them. Seriously though I'm really glad I agreed to be in this group but at the same time now I'm cursed because I want to make a ton of different Sailor Moon character cosplays! Which I suppose isn't such a bad thing in the end ^^;;

After the Moonie's group photo shoot was over I moved my stuff into another friend's room whom was awesome and totally understanding of me wanting to move my junk. I changed out of my cosplay into some Lolita and went out to find people to hang with. I ended up finding Ryan so we grabbed some food. I don't remember when but we ran into a bunch of other friends and pretty soon there was a whole mob of us O_o we couldn't get into any actual restaurant though since the party was about 18 people so we split off; Ryan and I went with Emmy and David to a whiskey bar up on Cap Hill and drank. At least I think it was whiskey? Haha I don't remember honestly. Albert and Sam (the awesome brotatoes that let me move my junk into their room) met up with us and drank along with us and we chatted it up! The drinks we had were tasty~ We kept just swapping them around and trying each other's. I really enjoyed myself to be in such good company :) Sam got a bit tipsy and we were being stupid and silly walking back to the con joking about stuff and laughing. She had expressed how hungry she was and had been holding on to half a burrito I had gotten earlier (he purse was huge compared to mine) so I told her to just eat it. She was the most excited and grateful person over a half eaten burrito I have ever seen XD Haha I really like her though. She's a sweetie~ We decided to head back to Ryan's room and found his roomies there. They were playing Smash (not surprised) and we just kind of chilled out. It was a lot of fun! A few more people had met up with us and we ended up having a little mini room party but it broke off within an hour's time due to the noise. At that point Sam and Al had already gone back to their room and I felt like a jerk waking them up since I didn't have a room key so I ended up staying at David's place in Renton with Emmy and Ryan. David has the cutest wolf doggies ever ;_; but their hair got ALL OVER my lolita dress and it was such a pain to clean haha.

I only made it back to the convention center later on Sunday to go swimming with some friends at the Sheraton- though I didn't feel like swimming and just soaked my feet. I didn't realize they took out the hot tub! When did they do that? D: I wonder why! Makes me sad because I really enjoyed it. Now I'm just curious as to when it was removed.

Emmy and I then headed back down to Portland sometime around 7pm or so. The drive was fun and we talked a bunch. She's a super smart and awesome girl that's new to cosplay but really optimistic about it; which is really refreshing. I sort of wonder if I piqued her interest in it when I dressed her up as Asuka from Eva half a year earlier for a Cospix video ^^;;

All in all I did enjoy myself but not because of the con- it was the awesome people I know that made this con what it was.

This con has also taught me to not stay in rooms with people I don't know very well :/ hrmm

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