Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Compie!!

Finally bought a new computer!! My poor Sony Vaio laptop is certainly on it's last legs at this point ~_~
The computer isn't exactly NEW persay as it's a used computer from someone else whom is upgrading. But everything in it is pretty stellar and better than what I need to start streaming and do all the video and image editing I want to do. As it stands now my laptop will freeze and crash if an image is too large :/ so it greatly impedes my ability to do too much. But it certainly drives home the idea of "save often" as I've lost tons of work before ;_;

So in preparation I've been writing out a schedule of things to do video-wise. Sounds crazy but my goal is to get it set up so each day I have an upload going on to Youtube. A theme for every day but a constant stream of creations. I know it'll be tough as I already have a hard time keeping up with my physical blog here but I'm really going to push myself out of my comfort zone and work work WORK at things.

I've also been doing a lot more digital art lately so I'm super happy I've been doing that! A ton of it has been uploaded onto Society6... I'm really super rusty but I'm proud of what I've mad thus far. It's pretty much all Yuri Kuma Arashi stuff though because I LOVE the patterns in that anime >_>;; I just need to start doing more general fandom stuff in in a hopes of getting more business. But I think I've gotten a pretty good start at it?

I'm certainly running myself ragged lately but I HAVE to put this effort in. No one is going to change my life situation but me. And with this computer I really think it's going to open a lot of possibilities!


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