Friday, November 14, 2014

[Bodyline review:] SILVER Double strap 'tea party' Lolita shoes (Shoes251)

Double Strap Tea Party Lolita Shoes [link]
("sil" aka Silver)
[Review of Gold]
[Review of Sax blue]

Heel Height: 0.5in (1.2cm)

Shoes251 have become a very popular style of Bodyline shoes for not only sweet lolitas but also fans or fairy kei and kawaii styles in general. They are a very versatile and cute shoe so I am not surprised at all by their popularity.

However I've personally ran into some problems when trying to shoes out on my own.

Sizing is always an issue when ordering online and Bodyline is not exactly stellar with consistency in their shoe sizing. While things -have- gotten better some styles (even if just due to HOW the shoes fit) can have vastly different sizing. I've now ordered 3 different sizes of this show (245 in sax, 240 in gold, and 235 in silver). So far I was SWIMMING in the 245 despite it being my go-to size (I normally wear a US size 7.5) but found the 240 to be just right for me. the 235 was just a tiny bit too small with my toes hitting the end of the toe box. I suggest sizing down a half if you are an exact foot size.

The shoes construction are great with no flaws I could see. I absolutely LOVE the color and wish I could actually fit into these but alas they are the ones I bought too small so I'll be selling them :( I do really love the color despite it being more of a gun metal silver than an actually true bright silver. I actually prefer that personally but if you're hoping for SILVER silver then these aren't the shoes you want.

Stylistically the shoes don't suit my feet as I get a very "clown foot" look since the toe box is as large as it is. The benefit is easily being able to fit insoles in but they are so roomy for me that they do look a bit silly. Other girls pull these shoes off way~ better than me so I'll be steering clear of "tea party" style lolita shoes u_u

I tried to adjust the colors in the first photo to better show how the color really looks ^^;;

The newest colors! Gold and silver! Which do you prefer? 

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