Sunday, May 17, 2015

Prepping for Fanime: One cosplay at a time...

For as certain I was about getting Sailor Mercury done for SakuraCon I am THAT unsure I will get ANYTHING done in time for Fanime  u_u  I -believe- we're heading down Thursday (driving) and coming back Sunday so I honestly have very few days to get all my things done... and I haven't even started on the main cosplay I want to bring!
Saki!!~~ Stole this photo from OtakuDepot [LINK]

So far the only things I can think of that I already have nearly donw would be comfortable wearing in the California heat are Weresheep (Monster Girls) and maybe a Lum costume. For the one I really am worrying about though I know I'm going to die wearing LOL. But my friend (Mewchi Cosplay) and I were talking about things we wanted to make and I mentioned wanting to remake Ritsuko from Kujibiki Unbalanced- to which she got mega excited and I found out she really liked Genshiken! I was super excited and we ended up agreeing to doing the outfit of where Saki is cosplaying as Ritsuko in her "battle outfit" and the matching one Ohno wears for it~

She's so perfect as Ohno! And I hope I make an okay Saki/Ritsuko ^^;; I'm mostly basing my cosplay off of one figure I like the color scheme on. Otherwise her cosplay is vastly different between each iteration. I can make the fabric bits no problem but the helmet is giving me grief. It always does. It did my first time around! And now with how beat up my old one has become over the years I need to remake it ~_~;; I've already been working at it for several hours today and only took this short break to eat something...

So as of now I have no cosplay plans outside of Saki. I figure I'll focus on her and then just bring whatever else I manage to finish? Ugh. I'm so unprepared ;_;

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