Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[Bodyline review:] Sweet Strappy Lolita shoes (Shoes283)

Sweet Strappy Lolita Shoes [link]
("blk-blk" aka Black)
("owh-owh" aka White)

Heel Height: 2.25in (5.5cm)
Front Platform: 0.9in (1.7cm)

I ordered these on two separate occasions. Once I've gotten an actual box with the shoes! And the other it was the normal wrapped-in-tissue thing Bodyline generally does with their shoes.

To be honest, while I like having the boxes, I have come to understand just why they don't ship them as well. The box corners punctures holes like crazy into the bags Bodyline uses to ship the shoes and the holes are by no means small. If you've ordered a small accessory it would surely fall out of the holes. If you are ordering JUST shoes you are more likely to get the boxes as well as opposed to an order of mix items. (I have NOT received a box with any boots I've ordered though.)

As for the shoes themselves, I think this is thus far my favorite style of shoes I've ordered from Bodyline. The straps are sturdy and thick, the scalloped detail is really cute and the bows are actually well made. They don't make your feet look like huge clown feet and due to the open sides they allow your feet to breath better than most lolita shoes.

The downside with the white shoes is, of course, the black sole on the shoe will rub off on the white if you have a habit of rubbing or hitting your feet together when you walk. The problem I've found with the black shoes is as they wear down the scallops stop looking so clean due to the backing of the material being light! It's not as obvious on the white and lighter colors but with the black it's painfully obvious just how worn out they can get :(

The comfort level of these is a bit lackluster. I have high arches and as such I do put insoles in these shoes. Otherwise your feet will get very tired very quickly. That's not to say you can't or wont get used to wearing them in time; but I suggest not wearing them out on a long walk right after you get them.

I also find that sometimes the buckles can be tricky and annoying to snap or undo. The side buckles can be tricky to get your finger under to unsnap them without nicking or damaging the material. So take your time when removing the shoes... especially if you're tired ^^;;

I would highly recommend these shoes to any lolita- beginners especially.

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