Saturday, June 28, 2014

*Angelic Pretty* Sugary Carnival JSK ~ [HD photos]

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In 2009 Angelic Pretty released what would soon become a "holy grail" and "dream dress" for many lolitas in years to come. Sugary Carnival was popular enough to justify to AP to release another run of the series- though with a few minor tweaks this time such as the back lacing not using the dress's lace for the loops. Regardless of releases this series, and particularly the black colorway, became a long sought-after print (on top of being one of the most reviled at the same time). Though AP has release many amazing dresses since this is still one of my absolute favorites; to the point I sometimes joke with friends that I want to be buried in it!

In most photos I have seen of this dress the colors get very washed out. It's a pity really since in reality they are so rich and pretty in person~

Jumper skirt stats:

Bust: 34~38 in (88~98 cm)
Waist: 26~30 in (68~78 cm)
Length: 33 in (84 cm)

Full review to come later~

Upper bust details showing lace trims and Angelic Pretty logo.
Straps and details adorned with lace and bows
The straps attach at the back with large flower buttons. 
Attached waist bow on the front of the dress.
First edition lacing using actual lace and waist ties at the back of the dress.
Blue Haired pony- one of four ponies that adorn the bottom of the dress,
Pink haired pony most notably used to make many pony acrylic jewelry by Angelic Pretty
Carousel lace detail as well as marshmallow rope and whip design.
Waist ties with strategically places ponies. No space for detail was spared on this dress!
Head bow with star charm.
The fabric is precisely cut to use the marshmallow rope for borders.
Back of the head bow.

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