Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lost Time

My goodness it's been forever since I've updated anything outside of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I've had a huge problem lately with time. Keeping track of it, getting a feeling for the days passing, and realizing just how much time has passed between events. I noticed today it's been a staggering 8 months since I uploaded anything to Youtube and the same could be said for this blog. I have a lot of back posts I could, and plan to, update. But that doesn't mean tyhey'll be of as good of quality as if I wrote them right after any of the said events.

Oi... what has gotten in to me? Each day I think "I want to write more" "I need to update my blog" "I should record a video of some sort" or something along those lines. I WANT to do these things but I seem to not have the -time-.

A few weeks back I burned up all my vacation time. I had two weeks off. This doesn't sound like a lot for people but for me it was the longest vacation I've had since I started this job 8 years ago. Just two weeks. I did more traveling, hikes, social events and slept better than I had since I could remember. I liked it actually- a great deal. And since heading back to work I've been in a HUGE funk. I want that fun time as much as possible- not just on the weekends.

I really need to start paying attention to my time. To make as much of it as productive as possible. This is going to be hard but it seems as though I'm getting my ambition back to TRY to do things. So let's hope I can keep this ball rolling and actually do something with myself out of the herd-like conventional job space ^^;;

I'm a bear!

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