Saturday, February 11, 2012

[Lovely Shoes] Order #1: I really like boots

 I had heard about this site only a few times from various other sources (blogs and message boards) and was a bit weary on ordering from it since it's set up like every other generic "wholesale" fashion site. I've ordered from a few others before and have become somewhat jaded about the quality from such places. I will eventually review the others but for now I'm going to start with "Lovely Shoes" aka "Lovely Fashion".

 I've come to find that when it comes to ordering shoes online I'm better off ordering boots over heels or flats. Reason being is that if the actual foot of the shoe is a little too big or small I can easily add insoles into the foot and the shaft of the boots will help hold the whole thing on. I also have a terrible time wearing any sort of high heels due to high arches; I have to buy at least 2-3 arch support gel inserts just to get them to even touch my foot! So high heels are a very sometimes... ok RARELY if ever, thing for me. Regardless I like them! But they're painful :( So ordering boots it was!

 I got 3 different styles- two were for cosplay and one was simply out of me falling in love with them; however they are dreaded high-heels as well! Why I do this to myself I'm not sure; but there is one thing I'm sure of and that is "Beauty is Pain"!! >:D

I don't have photos of what I ordered as two of the pairs are currently with other people but I -will- be able to at least write up the pros and cons of each pair~
*As an added note a lot of these boots have funky names. So I'm just going to call them something simple!*

 Beige flat boots [link]

These boots looked PERFECT to mod for my Himari costume from Mawaru Penguindrum. When I received them I wasn't disappointed at all :) The color was a bit more rich but the material was decent and they were put together well. The only problems I have is that the inside of these are FLAT. They have no support for your feet so I heavily suggest buying insoles! Another issue is the smell. Oh my goodness these things stink to high heaven!! They have a VERY strong factory/chemical smell that will stink up the entire room and easily give people headaches. I will have to leave them outside to air out... I have no idea how long though. These are the stinkiest shoes I've ever ordered. Ugh.

Other than that the boots were of decent quality for what I paid for. The style and color is perfect for the cosplay I'll be using them on and in the end I will do whatever it takes to get rid of the smell!! Haha

As for sizing they fit great; maybe even a little big but nothing a good pair of socks won't fix :)

 Loose brown boots [link]

 I bought these boots with the intention of using them for Mami from Madoka Magica. The silhouette fit intially what I was looking for and I had no qualms about pulling buckles off. I am a LITTLE disappointed in these boots but since I'll be altering them it's OK.
 The shaft of the boot is very loose. Which is strange on me considering I have larger legs. The material is also very thin and somewhat flimsy- which contributes to the "slouching" look even further. I am glad to say however that these boots didn't stink lol. Though they do look somewhat clownish on my feet since they fit a bit awkwardly.
 As for the show size itself? They fit great there. I have the right amount of room for my feet so I would say they are "true to size" :) Another good buy for what I paid!

Brown Gyrau boots [link]

 These boots are a knock-off of the very popular Japanese brand "Liz-Lisa". They've been so popular that pre-orders have sold and the store stock sold out within minutes. So it does not surprise me to see another company mimicking the style as much as possible. Though honestly I don't think they'll ever be as cute as the originals :x Also in an added note they don't come in all three colors the Liz Lisa ones do (black, brown and cream)- only black and brown.
 I'm not sure if I love these. I really adore thigh-high socks and stockings so I took a shot at thigh high boots as well. And I'm still not sure about them. The tops CAN be folded down so they hit below the knee- which is cute and also good to have a "two style" thing going on. But really I don't know what it is that makes me not like them.
 I ordered the same size as the other boots and these came a bit large. Usually I have to order smaller for heels (don't ask me, I don't know why) but these are actually a bit big. The ribbon they send you to use as laces is ridiculously long too! You'll have to cut them if you choose to use them. Myself? I won't be using them since they are made of extremely cheap ribbon and I don't need those breaking while wearing them.
 A construction flaw I've noticed on my particular boots is with the eyelets being very uneven all down one boot. These also still have some of the original marks on the material from their construction that I've been having trouble scrubbing off. It's nothing noticeable unless you look for it though.

 But again... I'm not sure about keeping them. They're cute and sassy and all... but maybe a bit too "sexy" for my taste. I would have LOVED these if they came in the white/cream color though!

 As for the site itself I can't say I'm crazy about it. It's easy to navigate but items are labeled so awkwardly that it's almost like a treasure hunt! I would suggest being very careful not only about ordering time (and keeping an eye on confirmation e-mails) but also about what you're buying. This site works like any other wholesale site I've used and while pictures show one thing you may get another- clothing is much worse with this than shoes though. If you know a respectable store or are able to purchase something in person I really do recommend you do that instead. Then again...  I really hate ordering shoes online. Blah!

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