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[Bodyline Review] Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse in Pink & Lavender (L364)

Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse [link]
("Pik" = Pink)
("Pul" = Lavender)
[Review of White]

Size Medium
Length (52cm)
Bust (94cm)
Waist (80cm)
Shoulder length (36cm)
Sleeve length (22cm)

Shortly after Bodyline released a new series of items blouse L364 caught my eye. It seemed like a simple and cute enough blouse to be worn with a variety of dresses, skirts, and styles. I decided I'd give it a shot and order two of these blouses before many other reviews were out about them. The wide variety of colors was also a plus, as well as making it a bit difficult to choose what colors to order. What would be most versatile? What would look best with the wardrobe I have and want to build?

I chose to order the pink and lavender blouses since those colors are what I usually use as accents in my outfits. I would have ordered the green one but since it is described as "apple green" and not a mint color I knew that I would have no use for it. I really wish Bodyline produced mint colored items instead of the apple color they use. Good mint shoes and such seem so rare to come by.

While they're not TERRIBLE blouses they do have that good ol' stiff and crunchy texture to them that Bodyline blouses famously have. The fabric is pretty soft otherwise and the crunch may eventually be able to be removed with enough care or washing. But I don't know how long such an endeavor would take. I LOVE the buttons on these and think they're super cute! They're cute little hearts! And while they are indeed oddly shaped they aren't too much trouble to button and unbutton. I do notice that sometimes bits of fabric get stuck in the top dip on the hearts and this causes the button hold to fray or tear. I honestly think it's mostly Bodyline not cutting the buttonholes well enough and just trim these pieces off.

The blouses have a nice shape to them despite having no sort of back shirring. I have a good amount of room and don't feel as though it is too tight or like I'm being squeezed. All the various seems used 
to fit the blouse to your body are nicely done and actually work well in doing just that.

The ruffle details are nicely finished and aren't fraying anywhere on the blouses I have (I've had problems with this so I always check just to make sure.) The laces are super itchy; especially the one used around the sleeves openings. They seriously irritate my arms and I find the elastic annoying as it frequently causes the sleeves to ride up into my armpits and I'm always having to pull them down. I'm not really a fan of the ruffle on the sleeve and have thought about removing them. The lace around the collar is oddly attached. Not as in sewing but as in the way it's just so long and isn't ruffled much. I think if Bodyline had made them so the lace stuck out half as far as it does now it'd look a lot better; that's really just my opinion though ^^;;

I also find that the collar stand somewhat makes the collar kind of "eat" my neck and makes me look a bit stumpy.
It should also be noted that the pearls are not sewn on well at all and upon opening the package for the pink blouse one of the pearls flew off and I lost it for some time. So to balance things I removed one of the pearls on the opposite side of the collar haha

I do like these blouses and think they're cute, but I also find them to be rather plain compared to a lot of lolita blouses. Not saying it's bad at all, but while certain parts certainly have a lot of detail on them it's not anything that adds to how pretty the blouse is versus just adding more bulk. Personally I wouldn't suggest buying these blouses unless they're below $40 USD in price. You can get much nicer blouses for around that price and would even rather buy one of Bodyline's OTHER blouse designs.

As far as the pink goes with matching the other pinks Bodyline uses it's much closer to the "light pink" than it is "dark pink". Angelic Pretty bag included as a baseline reference.

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