Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A bit Upsetting...

Been working rather diligently to go through all my old pictures to add watermarking. I'm sorry for how ugly this is going to end up being and I'll do my best to make it as non-obtrusive as possible. But at this point I have found multiple other places re-posting my images without credit and a few people even using them to sell things on LaceMarket :\

I usually don't have much of a problem with others using my photos for things so long as they let me know! ASK ME if you want to use anything for a background or icons or ANYTHING and I can send you the HUGE non-edited and non-resized photos! All I really ask is that you credit me for taking the picture and send  a link back, ya' know?

I work pretty hard to take decent pictures and write up things here. I started it in hopes that it would help people make decisions about things to buy or not to buy and maybe someone might fall in love with a dress or two along the way :)
But it's really disheartening and upsetting to me when my photos get taken.
Yeah yeah I know, it's a fact of the internet. I really should know better considering how long I've been on it and all that ;\ but still.

So watermarking on everything will now be the norm.

I have at least 20 queued up posts at this point that I just need to finish writing up and adding photos to. I bought a LOT of things during the Bodyline birthday sale back in October? (September?) and it's taking me a lot of time to compile everything.

Winter always seems so busy for me... Stay tuned :)

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  1. Fact of the internet or no, it's totally legitimate to feel disheartened (and even angry) when others repost without crediting. So much time and energy goes on behind the scenes of blogging, images being just one facet of it. Good luck with the watermarking! <3