Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2016

As the years comes so very close to rolling over into 2016 I decided to go back and visit my 2015 New Years Resolution post to see just how much I was actually able to do. Generally I will write a post, write down my list to hang on the wall, and walk away from the post with my goals in mind. I find it a lot of fun to go back and read what all I wrote and to see if I was able to fulfill what I wanted or if I utterly crashed and burned haha

Needless to say I'm not successful even 50% of the time with my goals. But to me that's still good! I set a lot of goals for myself on New Years, some that are rather "unrealistic" or "lofty", but I like having a lot of things I want to get done and outlining a plan :)

So without further ado, I shall review over my previous years list as well as set some new ones!
(I'll of course go over the cosplay and lolita ones in their own respective posts and link them down below~)

Last years resolutions in review:

1:  DRAW MORE: I'm actually pretty happy to say I followed through with this! I may not have drawn AS MUCH as I really wanted to but I certainly did it much more than I had in 2014. I even took up doing vector art and digital stuff I've slowly been uploading to sites like Redbubble and Society6 to sell! And I've made a few bucks off of it! So that's exciting and has kept me going on my slow crusade to get better at, well, art! :)

2: EXERCISE MORE: Yes and no... haha I think this will eternally be something myself and many others will always struggle with, ya know?

3: LEARN TO COOK MEAT [well]: I actually did OK on this! I mean I still haven't tackled steaks but I can do chicken now and have used stew beef a lot when making Japanese curry :) I don't really eat a lot of meat to begin with so I wasn't so concerned about becoming a master- just not burning everything our of fear of it not being done enough haha

4: NEW JOB: Utterly and totally failed. Only thing I managed to do was get my LinkedIn pimped out, update my resume, and scream constantly while trying to write cover letters. Arg.

5: DE-CLUTTER AND DE-JUNK: I have somewhat done well on this! I've gone through a LOT of my possessions and have been able to sell them or even give some away. I have about 6 huge storage totes of other things I want to get rid of (clothes, wigs, anime stuff, manga, etc) so I'll slowly but surely be working on getting rid of that still. I still have boxes to go through and even really old school work/projects like... why do I have this? Haha it's a challenge and it'll take me a long time to pare down my possessions to the level I want. But doing so is making me really happy~

6: START YOUTUBE AGAIN: Annnnd another one I failed miserably at >_>;; I DID, however, slowly purchase things necessary to aide in the making of videos though! I've managed to get a good webcam that can do HD video, a mic, a new (used but still really good) computer, and a rad desk to put it all on! So this is actually going to happen really soon :) Scared and excited is such an interesting mix of emotions.

All and all I think I did pretty good! Not splendid or stellar or even great. Just an average pretty good. 2016 is actually going to look pretty similar with goals but also with ones that are more narrow than the vague ones of the past. I've been thinking a lot on this and so for 2016 my resolutions are:

1: PROMOTE MYSELF MORE: This has been a long-standing problem of self. It for sure sounds pig-headed of me to say that I want attention and recognition for the things I do and create. There are thousands if not MILLIONS of other people on the internet right now that are far more skilled and mayhaps even deserving of any attention. I understand this and accept it. But I would still like to try my hand at becoming a sort of, uhm... "internet personality"? Sounds so lame put like that ^^;;

2: TAKE MORE SELFIES: Vapid? Maybe. Shallow? A bit. But I have some pretty odd personal reasons for doing so. Though I'm finding it difficult to articulate just what I mean to say into words... maybe I'll update this later to clarify.

3: YOUTUBE LIKE NO TOMORROW: I've been figuring out a schedule that would allow me to produce/upload at LEAST one video a day. I've even been writing down list ideas and skits and just other little series ideas that pop into my mind. As I mentioned before I've been gathering equipment so I'm getting closer! I even have people that want to work on things together with me! So I'm mega excited! :D Now I just need to ACTUALLY START and not chicken out lol [for reference here's a link!][I also started a Twitch!]

4: UPDATE [everything] MORE CONSISTENTLY: I have got at LEAST 20 backlogged posts that are simply either awaiting pictures or already have pictures but need a good concise review/write-up. I don't mean Facebook either- I'm on that enough as it is! But I need to get back into updating Twitter, Instagram, and here especially! I mean, damn, even DeviantArt needs some love! D: I'm (slowly) creating things but I'm just not SHARING anything anywhere! This ties in to #1 pretty good though *sigh*

5: NEW JOB: I gotta.

I decided to trim down the amount this year to help keep things more within my grasp. I have a lot that keep carrying over from previous years so it feels kind of like a cop-out too, you know? But so long as I keep working even on those older goals I suppose SOMETHING will come to fruition!... I hope *cough*

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's a blast! :D And lets hope 2016 rocks <3

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