Wednesday, January 12, 2011

East Coast in a nutshell

I had this big ol' awesome entry typed up about my trip to the East Coast (namely Atlanta, GA and South Carolina) but I was a dumb and deleted the text file. So this will be the cliff note version with select pictures of my choosing; mostly since I took a lot of random pictures of things that most people find boring.
I will say that it was a BIT of a culture shock. Having been born and raised in Portland Oregon it was a very different place. A little part of me cried every time I saw people throw away recyclables :(

Anywho, I flew into Atlanta, GA since it was approx $100 CHEAPER than flying directly to South Carolina. My trip had a few things I wanted to attend in Atlanta with the big one being the aquarium.

We first visited the Center for Puppetry Arts since it was a rather small attraction. I really REALLY enjoyed it though since it houses some of the original puppets used in Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth. However I wasn't allowed to take pictures due to some copy write bull so I spent a great deal of time staring at various puppets so as to try and memorize every little detail. They certainly are amazing when you can view them so closely. They had Sir Didymus and, as I call them, the Door Cards.

Next up was the Georgia Aquarium and boy.. it was really awesome there! I can't even find the words; it was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. I wanted to stay all day but since it was a weekend it was rather busy. I remember fangirling a bit when I was told it was where Volpin had his Big Daddy cosplay shoot. I -thought- it had been but it slipped my mind until it was mentioned again. Hahaha.

Afterward we visited the Coke museum across the way but by then it was probably already around 7pm and we got in on one of the last tour groups. I'm not really a Coke drinker, let alone any soda, but the history was really interesting. I mostly enjoyed all the memorabilia and history the building contained.

After that though I spent a bunch of time at my host's house doing mostly nothing but hanging out, haha. It was the first week long vacation I've had in 5 years and I fully intended to be as lazy as possible. I played a LOT of Avalon Code and various other DS games (Tales of Innocence, Scribblenaughts, Echoes of Time, etc.)

I'll hush up now and post pictures (and one video.)

Breakfast being prepared in the Sailor Moon apron I made = awesome :3


Jazz Hands

I tried getting a picture but it always turned out blurry and you couldn't really tell what it was supposed to be of so we both took videos. Kem looks adorkable  :)


  1. whooooa, awesome photos *-* I love the fourth one, it's so rad. The east coast sounds like so much fun!

    >I was told it was where Volpin had his Big Daddy cosplay shoot

    That shoot was sooo amazing hnnnrrgggg

  2. Haha Yeah I got a BUNCH of the fish and stuff but it would have easily clouded up and entry (over 200 pictures... maybe I'll load em up to photobucket or something..)
    The ceiling colors changed every so often and it was so pretty!~

    OMG I KNO. I was in the tunnel and was all "wait a minute..." and then I kinda danced silly and was all "OMFG radddd" dat costume & photo shoot... soo much hnnggg!!

  3. I went to the coke museum when I visited Atlanta, it's a pretty cool place overall (and I don't even drink soda)

    Nice apron!

  4. Sounds like a great trip! I love that pic with the apron. lol

  5. The pictures are all really nice, but I have to admit that first one with the apron made me laugh hard. Looks like a great time!