Sunday, June 7, 2015

First week back after vacation - Let's rant about change!

My cat understands how I feel.
That first week of work after a vacation really does feel like murder; I can't think of any other way to describe it! Just murder ~_~;; I slept too much and didn't eat very well this whole week. And from what I understand the first day I was on vacation one of the machines went down! And was acting up terribly this whole last week I was back. So needless to say I lost a lot of work hours (6 total all week?) So now my check is going to be short and I'm just going to fret terribly about it like I always do. I'm thinking more and more that at my review this month I'm going to ask- no, DEMAND. I get a raise at work. I know this sounds pushy but I have not gotten one for nearly 2 years now and prices and rent keep going up.

Though realistically I just need a new job. I told myself I wouldn't post negative stuff here or anything about my job ^^;; but it's also important for me I ramble a bit about this (but at the same time I talk a lot about it but never DO anything...) I've got a possible opportunity at a really great place to work! So I just need to make sure my resume looks pretty and send it in. Honestly though? I'm scared of the change. I've been where I'm at so long that quitting really is a huge thing! If I had a kid for as long as I've been at my job it'd already be in 4th grade at this point! (I started in March of 2006.)

But change isn't bad. I often times remind myself this as I do not face change well- or the enacting of change for myself. Even if for the better. I freeze up in fear really bad and choose inaction as a safer route than action (and thus the unknown of what that change would bring). I'm really terrible at this.
But it's time.
And it's long overdue.

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