Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NewCon PDX

Wow. I'm surprised. Honestly I am! This con was a lot of fun :) I expected it to feel so very small but the con had a ton of people attending and so much to do! Though earlier in the days was a little dead... but that's understandable considering the con advertised as being more-so later at night. Which I think was a smart move! A lot of people stay up late at conventions so it's always a shame when there is a panel or something awesome going on in the morning and you have to make the choice of either missing out on the night fun or missing out on the morning event.

Fruits Parlour in mint!
I'll post more pictures when I find them.
Of course considering this con was in it's first year it didn't have a whole lot of gusts. But I think this one will grow really quickly with the way it's being ran :) I know the guy whom started the con and after talking to him a bit about interesting things that happened I really want to support this convention more! I already helped with the webpage this year >_>;; so why not help out a bit more in other ways if I can?

I want to see this con spank KumoriCon's ass!!

To start off I agreed to be in the lolita fashion show! In a previous post I mentioned the outfits I'd be wearing. I found out after getting there that I'd have to quick change with only 5 people between my first and 2nd outfit O_O NOT. ENOUGH. TIME. I even mentioned to the girl coordinating it that I might need time since Sugary Carnival has a stubborn invisible zipper in it >_<
After the fashion show.
Feeling ultra KAWAII!

Sadly to say I did NOT make it on stage in time. I was able to go up with only one skip though. I had to cover the side of myself with my arm though because the dress's zipper was caught D: UGH. I even zipped and unzipped it a ton at home to make sure I'd have no issues. Maybe it has something to do with the urgency of the event. Ugh. But other than that the fashion event went off without a hitch. I was also really happy as I was the only one wearing a mint colored dress! And even then most girls were wearing pink, black, or brown. Which kind of saddens me... where's the purples?! The blues!? Need more colors! Seriously if I get into it next year I'm forcing some of my friends to let me dress them >:/ that fashion show was somewhat lacking in variety of colors! Though the styles and silhouettes were all lovely :)

After that I was STARVING hungry as all I had to eat was a bao Liz brought for me to the fashion show. Even then I only ate like... half :(  So we went with Tessa, Kitty, Julia, and Shelby to Taco Bell. Got a -ton- of looks from people as we were walking down the street. People are interesting, let me tell you! But I suppose they had something exciting in their day seeing us in cosplay and lolita so whatever ^^;;

At Taco Bell we ate like queens and chatted about all sorts of cosplay drama and happenings. I had a really good time :) had an older gentlemen compliment my lolita dress and a few younger patrons try to mock us. But again... whatevs!!

Afterwards I headed to the maid cafe run by Beast Of Hentai and it was extra crazy! I stepped in only for a short time since I know how crazy they can be. My friend Jon insisted he had to mark my hand because I wasn't paying to eat. I got kind of huffy since I know he was supposed to just draw an X on my hand! NO! I can't do that! I wanted something cute :< my lolita outfit would look silly with a giant weird purple X on my hand. So he drew me a dinosaur with a "pimp hat" and a cane LOL!!
Unfortunately it took a while to wash off... At least it wasn't marked with a super dark black pen. That would have really been lame.

I left sometime around 2am or so. I was just... done. Very tired. The con was coming to a close and people were just too drunk for me to tolerate. I needed some rest as well though as I planned on commuting back. Wasn't sure what to wear, though I had a few ideas: Christmas cosplay thrown together from my closet, Hanbok SeeU, more lolita, or a random "idol" outfit from my closet. Needless to say my friends voted for the Christmas cosplay- so I threw something together.

Vince (aka Darkain) had taken a bunch of photos earlier in the day of me in lolita! And he asked me if I'd like more photos of Ranka this time. I was so excited! I've never really had a photographer at a con do a whole light set-up with me. We derped about, got some awesome and some silly photos, and built a good relationship off it. I'm also extra excited as he offered to take pictures whenever he could :) even if I travel up to Seattle or here comes down to Portland... so this could be fun. Actually... A LOT OF FUN. I have so many ideas now! SO MANY!!
I didn't choose the Kira life,
The Kira life chose me!
Then again I also want to do photos with Peter. I always feel so super camera shy around him though :( but I know I would be able to be more... open(?) with him. Or at least I should be. But maybe because he's my boyfriend it's more awkward as opposed to the normal cosplayer x cosplay photographer relationship that goes on. *sigh* My brain is dumb.

Second day I talked a LOT with Tom Good (a local photog). I've always admired his photos but never really had a chance to make it to the Portland meet ups (they're usually before noon on Saturdays- I work until 2:30am on Saturday... :< ugh). I'm really glad we got along as much as we did! He also took a bunch of pictures of my Ranka for me :3 so I should be expecting a lot of photos. Like I said earlier I'll make a huge photo post when I can!!

Liz let me dress her up in lolita for the day. She looked really cute! But at the same time her boobs were too big for the shirt I loaned her LOL; so one of the buttons kept popping open. I closed her a ton for her. Ugh. Yeah. Oh well I guess ^^;;

Uhmmm... we didn't stay too late on the 2nd day. I started feeling really run down and she was just not in "con mood" so we ended up leaving kinda early. Maybe around 9pm?

After getting home I promptly passed out. I heard many stories about the later happenings and while I'm sad I missed them I'm also OK with it. Because I know with as tired as I was I would not have had all that much fun.

Overall though I did enjoy the con a lot and am looking forward to it next year. I hope to have my fingers in it a bit more and help out though :) We'll see what's needed though- I can only do what I'm allowed to after all!


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend. I've actually never been to a Portland con before. Also your coordinations were super cute (saw them in your other post).

    Also taco bell is so fun to go to dressed up in frills.

    1. Portland cons don't happen enough so I can understand that. The anime ones are scarce and so very small :( even KumoriCon lacks real content...

      Thank you! I'm only somewhat new to owning lolita but I've been admiring it for so long :3 I'm glad I'm doing things well!

      UGH I LOVE TACO BELL. Frills make it extra fun though!