Monday, January 14, 2013

"Friendship" or "Friendshit"?

This... incident, has been a long time coming I suppose. I knew something of this sort would happen. Am I sad? a bit. Upset? Maybe. But I knew it'd come to this sooner or later.

I'm talking about a point/event in which someone just totally blows up at you and then blocks you or unfriends you all over the internet. I'm somewhat insulted just because some very clearly mean, and just plain vicious, things were said about me and others I know (boyfriend included).
But in reality I'm not really phased by it. I feel like I should be. Like I'm supposed to feel bad and be weepy and such but the person in question is just so unstable and, honestly, crazy that I saw this coming so very long ago.

Should I even try to reconcile with her? I'm not about to say sorry to her for things I've never said/done to her. There is no reason for me to apologize to her other than to say "I'm sorry you feel that way" or maybe "I'm sorry you think that"... but am I sorry for something I did to her? If anything I just shut down and ignored her because she would fly off the handle. I don't have time to deal with people freaking out on me for things. She said some awfully cruel things to me in her last few text message outbursts; and when I would try to have a conversation with her it just seemed like s volleying of excuses or reasons.

You live a 2 HOUR DRIVE away from me. I work 5 days a week on a very [shitty] set schedule that prevents me from even seeing my own room mate (whom she's also talked shit about) for more than maybe an hour or 2 A DAY. I see my boyfriend once a month -if that- lately because our work schedules are insanely different. And what does she do? She's a NEET. She has all the free time in the world though not the money to do anything. I'm not going to be the source of money for her either! She's not feeding me nor is she f**king me and she's not my own child- so there is no reason I should financially support her.

*deep breath*

Whew. Sorry... getting a bit upset in the heat of the moment there.

I just am at a total loss now. I'm not going to reply anything. I'm not even going to ask for the wigs back that she has or any of the clothes either. I'm just tapping out on this one and cutting my losses.

I'm done.

Get therapy and leave me alone.


  1. It sounds like you had a really shit "friend" there. Usually when stuff like that happened to me I just drop them off the face of the world and never talk to them again. If you did nothing wrong don't be sorry for anything, not even for their feelings about you.

    I'm glad you got it off your chest, sometimes venting is the best solution.

    1. I feel like a crazy person for saving what she said to me- I nearly posted it too. But really I know it would do no good. The thing is that she blew up at me about 2 or 3 times (including this time) and I would do or say nothing. So I think she got angry I didn't react to her in any way >_>;;
      She said a bitchy comment to me about a week ago and I told her it was so- passive-aggressive FB statuses ensued and now she blows up my phone at 3am with 20 or so text messages just ripping into me. I'm just... done.

      I worry about venting too much though... or her reading this. Because I know nasty comments would be left or she'd just blow up my phone even more ~_~;;

      Thank you though <3