Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chocolate Design

So. I really like doodling out lolita dress designs.

And there's a local meet up on the 19th to go to a chocolate festival together! I wanted to wear something "chocolate" themed because I thought it'd be cute. I know a lot of others girls will probably do the same but that's OK.

Then I remembered... I don't really own anything chocolate themed! ;A; CRAP!
A few hours after realizing that last night at work I doodled out a really cute JSK design! It's simple but interesting enough that I've now become almost obsessive about making it!

I hope to get the fabric this weekend. If not then next weekend- though that may be cutting it close as it won't give me too much time to finish everything *sigh*
Best of luck to me! :D

Stay tuned!

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