Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Taobao Shopping Service

I'm finally ordering some super cute lolita bags off of Taobao and decided to try a new shopping service this time around. I haven't even MADE the order but so far I'm finding this service to be frustrating >:/

The shopping cart style is great but what is putting me off so quickly about it is the fact that I have to choose my final shipping service already when I haven't even paid for the items. I feel like this could have been done a bit better. Why not make it a 2-step format where I choose later? They'll already have to notify me when I need to pay the shipping and that's essentially a 2-step process already... so why not just lump the "choose shipping option" there? That way I know the actual weight, and therefore shipping cost, of said items?

I did end up deciding against some shoes I wanted though. Just adding the 2 pairs in raised the price of my order by nearly $100!! I've been eyeing these shoes for over a year now and ,while I'm surprised they haven't sold out yet, I'm still really paranoid about spending so much on some shoes that I don't know if I'll like the look of on my actual feet.

I hate buying shoes online! But I love shoes and there are so many cute shoes online!

One giant conundrum my friends >:(  lol

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  1. That's a fricken weird service where you have to chose shipping already because of the weight. Also buying shoes on line is a little bit of a conundrum, if you really want them measure your foot since it's really based of foot length than US measuring. I've bought shoes from Taobao and from Japan and not had a problem though, luckily my shoe size is relatively normal in both places.