Friday, June 21, 2013

New phone!!

I finally got a new phone. This is really weird. I have a smartphone now. My first phone was the Motorola RAZR in magenta (of course~~) and then I switched to the LG Dlite (aka in Korea as the "Lollipop"). But now I finally caved and got myself a smart phone- a VERY smart one at that: the Samsung Galaxy S III!!

I can't say I'm used to it yet though. It feels more like I got a tiny, fancy tablet. I look ridiculous trying to take a picture with it and have a hard time not covering the camera with my finger somehow ~_~;;

And yet I totally love it!! I can do so much! I can quickly reply to people on Twitter or Facebook and also manage my cosplay page from it. I also downloaded Lineplay >_>;; which is pretty much EXACTLY like the "Ameba Pico" game that used to be on Facebook that I played and NO ONE PLAYED WITH ME WHAT THE HELL lol. I also signed up her Hipstergram (Instagram) and downloaded Snapchat and Vine (though I haven't played with it yet.) It allows me to upload videos directly from my phone to Youtube and, honestly, it takes better video than my point and shoot camera!! I've already thought about doing all my vlogs with it though I'm not sure yet how I'd put it on my tripod or if it will record audio any good ^^;;

Regardless I'm happy with the upgrade. I don't usually switch until I find a phone I really love as my electronics are a huge commitment to me. I will have this phone for at least 2-4 years now and I plan to make it work. I know new fancy things will come out even within the next few months but this phone is such an upgrade it's already really damn amazing to me!!

I have yet to learn all the fun little gizmos though and I've already had it for nearly 2 weeks. Oh! I also downloaded the Blogger app :x it's not as nice, nor as easy, as typing things out on my computer but it does give me the opportunity to write things while I'm on the go. Maybe now I can update more? I can be riding the bus somewhere for a long trip and type up and entry and be more productive with my blog :3 The idea is rather exciting to me!!

Now if only my life were interesting enough to always update *laugh*


  1. I wish I had a new phone. Though to be honest I'm not good with smartphones. ;A;
    Though more updates would be great.

    1. I know what you mean, my friends would kind of let me play with their phones but I never really got used to using them. It's a lot easier when its your own phone and you can explore everything they have to offer.

      I spent several hours researching different smartphones to try and find one that I wanted enough to buy it. I also want the phone to feel right in my hands so that adds more time due to wanting to physically handle the phones.

      I'll update more :x promise.

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  2. I always wanted a galaxy 3.. hate my iphone!! You should get Kakao talk and add me :) 친구하자 ㅋㅋ