Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dream Sky Stake Out: PART 1/2

Dream sky was supposed to be released today via the international site. Pretty much all the items on the Japanese site are sold out already and oooh they look so lovey!! The international site is wigging out big time though... I suppose that's pretty normal when largely anticipated items are slated to drop.

I stalked the site all night via my phone and had a couple friends watching the site as well in case things went up while I was at work. I'm so grateful they did this T-T and yet I feel bad since there was no action *laugh* However Peter WAS successful in snagging me one of the hair barrettes I wanted!! Even though they were only prepping the pages he tried to pay for it because "why not" and it let him through!! At first I was kind of upset because now I'll have to pay shipping for just that one items and even more shipping for whatever items I may manage to get. However as I thought of it more I knew that trying to find the thing second hand or from girls that decided it wasn't what they wanted would have resulted in an inflated price anyway ~_~;;

So whateves!!

I'm going after the JSK in blue. Navy seems to be the most popular color among most girls- I do agree it looks stunning! But something about it bothers me at the same time. The stars and their tails are very strange colors. They're all minty, blue and purple. There seems to not be a single drop of pink on the dress so it tends to have a much more "cool" tone/look to it. It somewhat bothers me as the design still has a pink star button on the strap!! Why would they do this?! Also I'm pretty sure I don't like this go around of the... lilac color (it really doesn't look lavender to me at all.) The lilac colorway has the same star coloring as the navy color. Whereas the sax blue and regular blue have pinks and yellows. Very interesting changes!!

I still would kill for the navy from the first release. The color falls between the re-release's blue and navy colors and I really do love it! But it's -thee- most coveted dress from that series. I had a girl offer to sell me hers for $600... yeah no. That's more than I paid for my brand new STILL-WITH-TAGS Sugary Carnival set. I love the dress a lot but not $600 a lot.

But. BUT. Another girl offered me her lavender one for a much nicer price; I'm pretty sure I'll take it because it's pretty freaking adorable :x

Anyway it seems as though AP is not going to release the dresses just yet. CGL says it'll be Monday Japan time so I'll at least have a day off before I'm back to stalking around on the compie. Good luck to anyone else whom hopes to get in on this release!! I have a feeling it's going to sell crazy fast!!

Second release sax blue vs first release 

Second release blue, first release navy, second release navy

second release "lavender" vs first release lavender

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