Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dream Sky Stake Out: PART 2/2

I got it!! I can't believe it I actually got the items I wanted! ! But before this, let me tell you, there is a funny story about my purchase.

I had woke up about three hours before the shop I'm japan was to open. Having some time to kill I decided to watch more Merlin (my current TV show addiction.) All the while I was still refreshing the page and watching the world clock I had set to Japan time on my phone. I believe I got at least four our five episodes out before the dresses went up on the site. At that time I had refreshed the site one more time and got up to check my phone. According to the clock there was still enough time for one more episode before the store in Japan was supposed to open. However after checking my phone I went back to my computer and upon seeing the screen I started flipping out! THE DRESSES WERE OUT AND I WAS AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER!! CRAP!! I went to sit down and nearly fell out of my chair!! However I was able to catch myself and quickly got to refreshing the other pages I planned to buy things from; while they were loading I went to work adding the jsk I wanted to my cart. The accessories I was a wee bit worried about though as I was going for wrist cuffs and I expected them to sell out quickly. I added: a blue jsk, blue wrist cuffs, navy wrist cuffs, and a navy skirt to my cart. I was only trying for the skirt to see if I could get it however it sold out before checkout- as well as the navy wrist cuffs. But the blue pieces were still there! I was able to pay and then sat anxiously for the confirmation email before I started to celebrate. I knew cancellations after payments happened and, again, I was worried about the wrist cuffs being pulled. But everything cleared and all was well!! *PARTY!!*

Peter had already managed to snag me one of the hair barrettes while pages were being prepared Friday. So although I have to pay extra shipping for that alone to know I got what all I really wanted is OK. Much better than paying scalper prices.

Although, speaking of, I do hope to possibly snag a scrunchy from the US release tomorrow as the more I keep seeing them the cuter I think they are. I might try for a skirt but all the other pieces are going to be grossly over priced ;/ I'm not sure if I like any of the jewelry though as its all plasticy stuff for such a high price... however I have a few hours to decide to what to go for if anything else.

I'm pretty darn excited I was able to do this though. I was seriously worried the site would crap out on me :<
Now I get to sit and wait patiently for my order to be shipped... I'm pretty sure they got at least 100 orders within that 5-10 min window where things were up... crazy.

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