Friday, February 8, 2013


So Mad  D: ugh!
I was browsing around on Mbok the other, which has become a daily thing I do to try and find certain dresses, and I saw a mint Chess Chocolate head bow (aka "Alice band") going for only 2000 yen! With the conversion as it is now It was just under $24usd... "what a steal" I though. I saw an ivory one sell for nearly $80usd on the Livejournal comm sales so I was excited!

I contacted Japonica and did the whole, order request, money request, send money, etc thing you do with a shopping service; and then I waited. I waited to see when they bid and did a happy dance! I then waited as the auction closed as well with my winning bid~ woo!
So excited!! :D I went to bed very very happy~ one step closer to getting the set!

But I woke up the next morning to an email from Japonica... it said the seller canceled the auction.


but... I..



I'm so peeved. Seriously!! Mbok is just making me more and more angry >:/ This is the 2nd time I've had someone cancel an auction AFTER it ended on me. The previous time I wasn't so mad but now? With the head bow... :( The seller still has their dress up and now they have updated the pictures to include the head bow as well! I'd buy it however it's the bustier-style dress and I don't really care for it (and it seems to be the only version anyone is presently selling.)



  1. This sounds familiar, since I read something like this on 4ch was that you? Anyway I don't really like mbok myself because of the actual lack of rules on the site and the age group that primarily sells there can't sell on YJA because of age (true story these tend to be younger kids).
    But seriously that is pretty messed up and I feel super bad. I wish mbok had a no takesies backsies rule once the item was sold.

    Man I get upset whenever this happens.

    1. Yeah that was me ^^;; This has happened two or three times now so I'm seriously just... so mad @_@;;

      Ah! That does make sense after reading some of the "horror stories" about Mbok. It's a shame really because of all the really great things on there!

      Yeah it'd be nice if it was more like other auction sites :< it seems to HEAVILY favor the seller though. Which bothers me because money is money! No matter which country it comes from ~_~;; and head bows are stupid hard to get a hold of! (Especially for that price!)