Thursday, February 14, 2013

MOAR ANGER- and a Remedy For It~!

This week as not been my week. This week has not been acting in my favor one bit. But it also seems as though I'm not the only one having such problems (Anger filled Monday, Super sleepy Tuesday, Bad news Wednesday, etc etc.) But what happened to me yesterday afternoon almost took the cake on the rage-o-meter scale.

I got boned out of my ultimate dream dress- part 2!

I was informed that someone on the comm sales had posted -the- dress for sale. The price wasn't too bad either! Someone had previously commented about PM-ing the seller but I figured I'd give it a shot as well. I messaged them and informed them I'd be able to pay in full and to let me know if that would work out. I had the money... I would be nearly penniless until next Friday but sometimes I feel it can be worth it (stupidly lol.)

But I woke up after my weird noon-time sleep to a message from the seller that the dress was already on payment plan and she apologized.

So wait... someone doing a payment plan got precedence over the person willing to pay in full that day? I was honestly confused and, honestly, by now it really just felt like salt being rubbed into my wounds (especially after losing out on said dress once before.)

I went to work mad and stewed about it for nearly my whole shift. My boyfriend had even asked me "Would you give up the black version for this one?" and I simply said yes to him. No questions. I think at that point he understood why it had miffed me so much.

However towards the end of my shift I was just kinda of mopey and figured being angry did no good. I talked a good deal with some friends and listened to music to forget about it for some time. I mean come on! It's just a dress right? But it's also a hobby. Like Pokemon! Except I don't want to "catch 'em all"; I want to build a small, strong team of AWESOME.

 Now the remedy happened a few hours after I got home. All is quiet- after all it's the butt crack of night time (4am). And I decided to see what my awesome buddy Brandon was up to in Japan-land so I called him up on Skype.
Turns out he had called Closet Child over the weekend about Dream Sky and Chess Chocolate and they're shipping some dresses in from their other stores for him to take a look at! :D This seriously perked me up SO FAST. At this point I was OK not getting the Special Sugary dress- upset a bit still but I will obtain it eventually *determination!!*!
I sent him an e-mail with the pictures of the exact colors and styles I was looking for. He'll go in probably sometime Monday or Tuesday of next week to check them out, talk stock, pricing, and check the dresses for damages and stains (to further talk price about). He said he'd take pictures but I told him that Closet Child actually doesn't allow it. I suggested he bring his girlfriend along as she is also into lolita and will be able to asses the dresses as well- plus it might not be so weird for him to be in a store full of frills LOL.
He commented that he had no problem with going there as I have dragged him to the fabric store many times- which however also works in his favor as he'll be able to better spot any problems with the dresses. I further told him it's OK if they do have slight damages or stains as I don't really care much and can fix most construction problems with the dresses themselves.

So it perked my day up really well :) I'm feeling a lot better about the events of the day as it probably all happened for a very good reason. Had I bought Sugary my bank account would be near nil until Friday and thus I'd be unable to send him the money for the dresses/shipping. But now I'm good~
I still need to do my taxes too! :3 more monies there~

In other news it looks like an 80% chance I'll have to work Saturday. I plan to go in early if I wake up in time so I can milk the over time without having to stay super super late @_@;; I'm -trying- to be happy about that one. But there are 2 meet ups happening this weekend (one each day) and it may cause me to miss both. Again. *sigh*

Just keep swimming~

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  1. I saw the special sugary carnival and it's very nice. Even I want it and I don't like the other color ways. XD
    But you know what "way to go Brandon!" And to you possibly getting dresses you want.

    Sucks that you'll probably work Saturday.