Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chess Choco-WAT!!!

I did it! I won!! I won the Chess Chocolate Jabost JSK in mint finally! :'D

I had been stalking auctions for a good while despite Brandon having contacted Closet Child about the dresses (They hadn't called him back yet to tell him they had stock or not.) So when the auction popped up I decided to bid on it :x the price started rather low for this color/style (¥10,000) and it didn't raise up very far at all!! I think over all I spent around ¥20,500 on it! Which I consider a STEAL since it was A) Cheaper than the initial release price & B) Cheaper than I'll ever find it from a second hand selling in the states! They'll usually charge around $350 (¥33,000) for it >_<

Sooooo I'm excited!! Though I went a bit crazy with the orders. I was also able to get Royal Queen mint OTKs for only ¥1,000 and the ivory skirt for around ¥9300...

I also found a bunch of Sailor Moon musical VHS tapes for supa cheap >_>;; so to grow my tiny collection (of mostly Miyuki) I bought them~! All first stage! :D There were 8 in all.

I also noticed the person who dicked me out of the mint head bow has been trying to sell it WITH their bustier dress. Would it be crazy/stupid of me to buy it? LOL... I'm not a huge fan of the bustier dress honestly but it WAS the one I first initially liked when I saw the collection. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it. If not I'll sell it off. I'll wait until I get paid this Friday though before I even bid. If it's still up *shrug* I'll probably go for it ^^;;


One down, two to go! (Dream Sky & Sugary special~)


  1. HEY CONGRATS! I can't believe you got it for such a great price. Usually happens if you watch and wait long enough. But you'll look great in it! and congrats again!

    1. Thank you! :D I still internally scream when I think about it lol

      Now I need to find a brown blouse I like enough for it. I have a white one but for some reason I -really- want a brown one for it (Probably need to make one...)