Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Opinions

Now that the day is nearly over and I'm pretty sure everyone in America has eaten their Thanksgiving meal I've been left to think about many things about the holiday. During the 3 days prior to the holiday I have been seeing a few choice persons speaking out about how the holiday is messed up because it "celebrates the genocide of a race of people"... wait... what? The argument that this certain person is using is that the reason we're celebrating Thanksgiving is to show us being thankful for killing off the Native Americans? To me this seems as silly and uneducated as people who believe we celebrate Valentines Day based on the "Valentines Day Massacre".

In fact it's known that the first Thanksgiving didn't even have turkey served. There's a lot of history surrounding American holidays that is taught to children in school that is blatantly wrong.

I somewhat wonder now if said person is just saying those things for attention... *facepalm*

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