Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

My goodness this year is almost gone; In just a week we'll already be in the dreaded 2012! Dun dun dunn~~ Really though if anything happens I guess we'll just have to wait and see?

Anywho! Oh Blogger... I need to update you more <3 I have SO MANY STORIES TO TELL YOU! However I have misplaced my card reader and stories are just no fun without pictures. So I will just ramble on.

After a great deliberation of sorts I have purchased my first lolita items. However, being as frugal as I am I, of course, purchased all the items off of Bodyline. The timing as such was due to their November promo ($1 shipping) and now their December one as well ($5 shipping). Despite deliberating for nearly a month on just exactly what I would order each time I still ended up spending a lot more than I would have liked to. I don't understand how girls can blow $400 on a single dress but then again I don't exactly have income like that.
(*note* I'm not trying to rip apart lolitas in any way, shape, or form for spending what they do. It';s their money and they can do what they want with it.)

I ordered a good deal of stuff and am looking to order a bit more before the month is up- but we shall see. I know NOW is the time to order shoes since they always cost the most to ship. However I am trying to buy things I will actually try to wear as opposed to just buying all the pretty things. Which, quite honestly, is really hard! Especially when I like so many different color variations of one item! I sit and mull over it going back and forth time and time again. I've come to find that in the end I don't get any color because I have such trouble choosing. #FirstWorldProblem... I know ^^;;

In other news I am doing my best to avoid Facebook. I've come to find it sucks up a lot of time that I really should be spending doing other things (like posting here?). I need to start being more active about actually updating, posting, and creating content. I know I tried to do this with #PEEN and I failed miserably. I am honestly disappointed in myself for it as well. But in reality I didn't have much to talk about- and maybe I still don't. But if all I do is write down random thoughts here well... that's better than nothing. After all I have been wanting to get back into writing lately; not like a novel or anything though. Just my thoughts for the time being.

Of course there are a LOT of things I need to work on lately! I need to vlog, clean, do laundry, sleep (still up since last night), sew, review wigs, review clothes, and sell things like WHOA.
Baby steps... I have to take baby steps at this stuff. Or else I'm going to just get overwhelmed and everything will go to shit.

Ah crap... my though train derailed. I suppose this will be a good opportunity to take a nap of sorts :x
At the very least I shall leave you with a picture of my adorable lolita shoes! I LOVE SHOES! And in lolita... shoes have always been my favorite!

<3 ya!

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