Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Shame November and #PEEN

Apparently November has a LOT o fun internet events going on! PEEN or "post every evening in November", the ever famous "No Shave November" and also "No Shame November". There's also "Pepero Day" On 11-11 (which also is my birthday!) November is full of many amazing things it would seem. And while I said I would participate in so many of them I have been... falling behind? Lacking? Forgetting? Or one could say I straight up lied hahaha ^^;; not my intention at all though.

It seems as though combining "No Shame November" and PEEN has been a big thing among Youtubers I follow and even some of my friends. A lot of people have been posting their things on Tumblr or Youtube. I'll just say I've been using Twitter as my outlet! I post there just about every day anyway >_>;; However I DO want to make more Youtube videos. But I've been over thinking things again. Can I even generate interesting content? What the heck should I talk about? Will I ever stop being so awkward? Should I get a better camera sometime? Dare I vlog in cosplay?
On top of that one of my biggest problems has been the schedule I've been put on for work gives me almost no time to prep myself and do what needs to be done. It seems that I will need to take the "no shame" part and apply it and just vlog after work- when I look so dead tired and it's about 3am. No shame! SHAME ABOUT NOTHING! Although the "tired" does show on my face a LOT.

As for my birthday plans this year... I am working again. It sucks. Someone else already got the days off and thus I can't have it. I will be in Seattle on Saturday and Sunday though and will also be going back up next weekend. Though I'll possibly be there for longer that time. I also moved my birthday party to then since there are already 4 other parties going on this weekend!! What the heck! Everyone I knew in school all had birthdays during summer or earlier in the year. It's so strange to hear of a lot of people having their birthday in winter.

On another birthday note I've already gotten some awesome presents! Photos will be posted once everything is received. I know a couple of more packages are on their way. I told people I didn't want any presents or anything but they felt the need to get me things anyway? :/ Please don't be useless stuff. I'm not saying I won't be grateful about whatever I get but I don't want more "stuff"... ya' know?

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