Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall convention cliff notes and more thoughts

Kumoricon has come and gone- a long time ago actually. Two months now? Oh my. I've been super distracted with things going on at work. I would like to say life has kept me busy but alas it's mostly work. Blogger needs to go back into my bookmarks bar so I remember to update more! Yes? Yes.

Insofar as Kumoricon I HAD A BLAST. There was some personal drama, which I wish I could have avoided, but the con as a whole was a lot of fun. I met a LOT of new people whom are all really awesome and got to hang out with old friends that are usually too busy with staff. My only complaint about the con itself was the scheduling of events- what is up with that? Seriously. It seems to be that Kumo decided to have all the really boring panels at once and all the good ones at once as well. Now, normally, I am not someone who really goes to panels. I like to go to the ones my friends are hosting or the "18+" panels where things can get really wild. But it seems that all of the ones I was interested in attending were at the same time. And while I did follow up on my promise of recording all of "The Roast of Zachary Marsh" I missed out on the 18+ Dating Game- which I REALLY wanted to go to since my friend (and someone whom I was interested in) was in it. I say "was" because that's where drama happened- it dragged out for over a month and I'm rather heartbroken about it. That's all I'll post of it here though :/

This year I also go to go to Akicon! This was my first year going so I was SUPER excited! I had a lot of people egging me on and begging me to go so I caved. I was comped a badge AND a room after all... and calling in sick for work is a small price to pay to go to a, nearly free, con. Only -nearly- free since I gave my friend gas money and bought food/alcohol haha. I didn't really go to much other than the dance; it was very much "non-con" or "chillcon" as my friends and I were calling it. We walked about, hung out, nnst-nnst-ed (danced) and basically had fun. I got closer to a lot of people I was only really acquaintances with and that made me super happy. The only times I had to call my friend Alicia for some emotion support was on day one with a bit of an emotional break down and later in the day I texted her while buzzed, haha. Needless to say that after a rough first day of being there I was really happy my friends rallied around me so much- perhaps that wasn't their intent, but it certainly felt like that. I wasn't alone when I didn't want to be- which can be a really fabulous thing.
I only noticed after the con though that I didn't cosplay a single thing. I brought costumes but didn't cosplay at all... oh well! I had fun at Akicon, I really did, and I hope to go back again next year :) time and money permitting of course.

I'm still see-sawing back and forth on if I want to really make this a dump for EVERYTHING life related or just cosplay. What has me so puzzled about it is that I attend so few cons a year. If I could somehow honestly get paid to fly around the country (world maybe?) to just cosplay and review cons... OH MAN that would be awesome! But that seems like a pipe dream and a bit absurd! Who knows though :)

I've also been trying to get back into vlogging... but I almost never have anything to talk about! And work. Oh work. Such weird hours they have me on. We've been switching hours once a month to try and figure out something that works. I can't remember if I wrote about this but recently the company I work for laid of 31 people. I was [lucky?] to not get laid off. I thought I was lucky when it happened but really... the stress, physical hardship, and mental abuse I've gone through from working 3 different shift hours in the past 2 months has got me on edge. I can wholeheartedly say I do not want to work there anymore and that I really wish I had gotten laid off. Won't happen though. Gotta find something else to move onto!
Even if it IS doing pretty much the same facotyr work I do now... :/ booo.

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