Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Internet: life, cosplay, etc

I do not write here enough- Summer has not been kind to me and fall looks like its going to be rough as well. I have decided to turn this into an everything blog! Because cosplay doesn't happen enough for me to blog about :/ Which is lame in and of itself. But I also worry that if I talk about "life" I will simply complain about work a ton haha.

As an update since, or about, Sakura con: Decade-tan didn't happen because the fabric I had my eye on was well over $20. I'm going to look for something other than vinyl that will suit the bill. I designed this thing to look too awesome to NOT do it! I must keep going!

Craptacular cellphone picture :D
Click for more taken by an actual photographer

Stocking was a blast to wear! I didn't really give a fu-- chainsaw about what people though. I was pretty bloated all weekend because wouldn't you know it I had my happy times. Always at con- it's seriously a curse of female con goers. So despite the costume looking a lot less than flattering I still had a LOT of fun. Liz and I have such an amazing chemistry when cosplaying together that she ended up proclaiming that we MUST do more haha ^_^ This made me really happy honestly; I've known her for well over 8 years and our cosplay plans never really aligned until Panty & Stocking happened. We've since planned a lot more together to do! A few examples being Twilight Sparkle (myself) and Pinkie Pie (her), Hatsune Miku (me) & Megurine Luka (her)... tons of variations on this one! She also wants to be Meiko so it works out :) She also is going to be fake-n-bake tanning for some cosplays and loved the idea of going as Urd from Ah! My Goddess when I make Belldandy. I am rather excite on this front- it's really nice to have someone to cosplay with for once!

In terms of Kumori Con... it's in 2 weeks... AUGH! I have been sewing as much as I can but a lot of drama has been happening in every day life that is getting me down. It's tough to keep up and press forward sometimes when such things happen. However the con is going to be a much much MUCH needed break/vacation for me from things. I plan to act as stupid as I can (though not annoyingly so) and just have fun. Cosplay list for that? I am a cray-cray person and am working on Himari's fabulous penguin form "Princess of the Crsytals" from Mawaru Penguindrum. I will be a fabulous penguin!! This weekend is super crunch time for me to work on the top since Liz offered to help me with the boning. I have a vague idea as to what to do but I rea~lly don't want to screw it up! So it's best I have someone there to guide me.

In other news- way back in February I made an order of the elusive Pirate Miku trim that had been sold out since heaven knows when. After pestering the fabric store 4 or 5 times since I FINALLY got a call back YESTERDAY letting me know it came in. Yes. I bought an entire spool of it. I gave up and just wanted the dang stuff in stock! Plus it will be 40% off since the fabric store I go to is awesome about wholesale orders like that. So Pirate Miku shall be done finally!! You know, a whole -year after- I started on her. Good lord. Hahahaha

Also wig reviews will come after Kumori Con. I have a huge gap again until Sakura Con comes up so I need to keep busy and stay on top of things. I apologize to anyone whom was looking forward to them! I have since then ordered more wigs though and will gladly review those as well :)

In addendum I have things up for sale via my Facebook. I'm lookin' to greatly reduce my nerd inventory of the past 15 years and will be adding a LOT more into it as I go; my camera just died before I could get everything. If people would be so kind as to pass this link around to anyone whom might be interested I would GREATLY appreciate it! I also appreciate it if you have read this much of what I write!! :3

Goodies for sale! 15+ years of anime and manga goods~

Have a fantastic day!

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  1. ooooh I can't wait for your Mawaru Penguindrum cosplay! *_*