Sunday, July 7, 2013

JULY update

I really need some sort of magical device that can read my inner dialog. By the time I can actually update here I forgot all the good stuff I had going.
So life. And stuff.
July has not be kind to me. Though nothing TOO big really has happened  (or nothing I'd say is "big") there's still been a lot going on; a lot of negative things at that.
Ended up in the ER about a month back (ok, that's not July... I get it. ) doctors couldn't find what was wrong and causing my pain so they just discharged me. What gets me is how much I had to pay for the visit despite no real help being rendered. If anything they just caused me more issues as they put an IV in "just in case" and it made me feel absolutely nauseous and dizzy. It wasn't even the needle bit; It's the plastic piece they use after they pull the needle out. I -quickly- started feeling woozy from it... obviously my body was not happy at all.
They had me get an x-ray done on my chest as it was something that was hurting as well. I had to "hug" part of the machine and when I was being gentle to not bend my arm the lady came over and pushed on it because my arm apparently want wrapped around the machine enough? I'm pretty sure I had internal bruising or something because it hurt afterwards for more than a week :\
$670 to have someone hurt my arm. Fabulous. That's more than my rent for my entire apartment for a month.
Other fun news?  Not too much I really think I should be typing here >_>;; errrr yeah... Life changes that I really had no control over. But not every "bad" event necessarily causes a negative change in ones life hmm.

The ER bit is still really ticking me off lol.
I need to just go to a general doctor and get everything checked out. The ER bill took pretty much all I was currently saving up to quit my job though. I know that wasn't a lot really but given how much I get paid that took me a bit. I haven't really bought myself anything I've "wanted" considering I want to quit my job more than anything. Especially more than anything I could buy.
I suppose that does bring up Dream Sky lol. That was separate savings I had started the instant I heard about the re-release *shrug* Don't judge me.... ^.^;;

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