Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Deep thought (dream dress)

I was recently browsing the Livejournal lolita comm sales and saw a post that caught my eye. A lot. Quiet a bit. SO VERY MUCH.

My dream dress. My ~*DREAM*~ lolita dress is being sold. In amazing condition. And no one has said anything on the post. Mayhaps it's because the dress is generally so expensive (even second hand) but this one is in amazing condition. The girl bought it off of Mbok and it still had it's tags on it! Was never worn! It's the 2009 release as well.

Yep. Sugary Carnival JSK in black.

There it was: my dream dress on sale, in amazing condition, staring me in the face. I have the needed funds to purchase it but I'm not sure I want to drop so much on a DRESS. A stupid dress!! Pay nearly a month's worth of rent for a STUPID LOLITA DRESS.

I suppose girls are only willing to pay as much as they deem something worth. Is this dress really worth so much to me? I'm not really sure. I do love it so very much and would gladly purge 98% of my wardrobe for it (need to keep some blouses and shoes to wear with it after all!)

But seriously. I've got to give this some thought. I'm going to try and talk the girl down a bit in price as she -has- removed the tags and worn the dress a few times. I think that warrants at least a bit of a price reduction in my opinion >_>;;


I guess we'll see... I've got a lot of thinking to do.

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  1. I agree on trying to get a lower amount because of it being worn. It will never be in a pristine condition again, but even $50 or even $25 off of the final price would be reasonable. And it doesn't hurt to ask.

    When it's something you love I think you should follow your heart and buy it if you really love it. The way I see it is if you'll wear it a lot, no matter what and cherish it not just because it's a sought after print.

    That's what I did when I bought melty chocolate. It was about $550 bought second hand (new with tags). I don't regret it, I've worn the piece probably about over 20 times already.