Sunday, November 18, 2012

Augh! I need to update more!

I can't believe I haven't written anything in 6 months or so. I plan to go through and finish up a lot of entries to started and to also sort of "fill in the blanks" on all the other things that have happened. Maybe this won't net me many views or reads on those entries but I hope to at least keep a bit of a record for myself this way. I post so much more on Twitter and on Facebook than anything... but I miss blogging like I used to.

I used to update EVERY DAY after school. But now that my life is just working it doesn't happen so much. Things are still happening but why... why haven't I been adding anything? Maybe it's just as though I feel like I don't have the time to? Even though I often find myself thinking I need to find something to do. Maybe it's the thought that no one even reads these things *laugh* Which to me is a double-edge sword in a sense.

I want my privacy and to be left alone... and yet I want to be noticed and praised. I've got to find this happy medium in there- does it exist? Hmm... well... DUH ^^;;

Quick news is that I'm sick and slept pretty much all day Saturday. I only really got up to use the bathroom twice but I never ate. Not until nearly midnight. I know this isn't healthy in it's own sense but at the same time after all that sleep I do feel a bit better. I'm guessing I have strep due to my tonsils/throat being swollen and my voice sounding like I'm talking with my mouth full of food @_@

I hate being sick. I blame my co worker. He was coughing and hacking and not covering his freaking mouth! Ugh. I would blame public transit but I do my damnedest to not touch anything on the buses. I know how little those things actually get cleaned >_O (once a YEAR. Way to go TriMet)

Anyway I have a bunch more reviews to post. A lot of Bodyline things for shoes and even some wigs. I've noticed my post mentioning the Stocking wigs gets a lot of views due to the links/photos there. I have about 3 now from different stores that I'll be writing a review about so look forward to that :)

If you want to see any of the cosplay goodies I've been up to there's always Facebook and my DeviantArt.

I'll update more fairly soon... >_>;;

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