Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lolita Resolutions for 2014

Sadly to say I didn't achieve a whole lot of my resolutions for 2013 that I listed in my previous post. I haven't been sewing as much lately which makes me sad :( I miss the creativity of it and really wish I had more time for it. I still love it though and am going to try with all my might to sew more!

Let's do a [disappointing] list breakdown from last year!

~ Obtain at least 2 of the print pieces I really really love: FAILED
I didn't even really try to find any of the dresses! My taste is still evolving so much. Haha so I think buying anything I like might result in me not liking what I got later on. I think once my tastes have "settled" a bit more I might allow myself to buy more...

~ Fully construct at least 3 of the dresses I have doodled out designs for! FAILED HARDCORE
I didn't even sew A. SINGLE. THING. After much research lolita dresses are labor intensive if you want something to turn out really nice. I've been working more so on cosplay than lolita things sewing wise.

~ Sew my own blouses. Half Failed?
I didn't make one from scratch but on my Stocking cosplay dress I taught myself how to make clean pin-tucks and to do a standing collar. I need more experience with it but I think I'll be able to attempt this soon (don't want to waste any fabric...)

~ Sell off unused/unwanted items. Good! :D
Doing well on this one though there's more to go. Oi!

And now... for my list of 2014 LOLITA RESOLUTIONS!!

1: Streamline my wardrobe with versatile pieces- My interests are too broad and I need to simplify my wardrobe so shoes, accessories, etc all can be used within multiple outfits. Less clutter the better!

2: Buy one "dream wishlist" item- Self explanatory actually ^^;;

3: Make a lolita friend! Either local or, well, at least as close as Seattle or something haha. I really would like someone to hang out with and enjoy kawaii dresses with...

Let's see how good or bad I fare in 2014 with these. Happy New Year everyone!

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