Friday, November 1, 2013

Small Update, Small Steps.

I don't often toot my own horn about things; even on here. But I wanted to at least say one thing I'm proud of- I've lost weight! :D

This might not seem like a big deal and it hasn't been much (just 7 lbs) but I'm at that annoying plateau point where things get extra hard. I mostly cut out a lot of sweets from my diet and have been lots more salad and yogurt :) I've also been riding my bike to and from work which, if I remember right, is just over 2 miles. It's amazing the small things you can do with such big results! I'm going to try to remind myself to actually lift weights too so I can build up actual muscles... which I know will technically make me gain weight but it's all in how I look and feel, right? ^^;;

I've only got about 3 more to go until I hit the mid-low weight range for my height and beyond that I think I'll look too emaciated or sick. I've been 110 before and I got a lot of comments from people that I looked sick. But that was mostly from walking 5 miles a day to get to/from school so it's not like I was starving myself- in fact I was eating a lot more back then.

Regardless I'm happy! It's showing and now I don't feel like I have a pooch on my tummy so much. I might actually let myself do some tummy showing cosplays soon... maybe. I dunno. Not sure if my confidence is up to that yet >_>;;

Lolita dresses fit better too! Yaaayy~~!

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